A 3 day Virtual Work Experience – Help us use technology to support our employees at work! – Speakers for Schools

A 3 day Virtual Work Experience – Help us use technology to support our employees at work!

A 3 day Virtual Work Experience – Help us use technology to support our employees at work!

Age: 14-19

Duration: 2 days

Industry: Business

Application deadline: 20/05/2022

Dates: 23/05/2022 – 25/05/2022

Note – please do not share this opportunity with anyone outside of the specified age range for this placement as they will be ineligible to apply

Who are we?

We want to invite you to take part in a fantastic opportunity to get an insight into a European leader in digital transformation – We design, develop and deliver technology solutions to tackle some of the biggest challenges people face.

What will you gain?

During our 3 day virtual work experience week we want you to learn crucial, high value skills that will be useful no matter what career you ultimately decide is for them in the future.

  • How to make sure that your projects go to plan
  • The importance and power of innovation and creativity
  • How to wow when presenting
  • The importance of sustainability for businesses

You will get the chance to test your skills and practically apply them to a real world project that will help Sopra Steria and its employees working from home during the challenging times we face!

The sessions will be hosted by experts from across Sopra Steria so you will have access to experienced personnel who will be able to provide you with massive amount of experience and answer all of your questions!

The three day work experience will take place from Monday 23rd of May to Wednesday 25th of May between 09.45 and 15.00 from. These days will be hosted virtually so please make sure you will be able to use Google Classroom for these dates.


Skills and Experience you will gain:

Project management, Innovation and Creativity, Presenting in business (to senior leaders), Critical problem solving, Communication skills, Digital skills and tools, Team work,

Great for students who are:

Ambitious, creative, determined, committed, willing to learn, curious and prepared to question what you here.

Departments that will be involved:

Government sector Project management, Digital Innovation, Tech for Good, Digital Ethics, Early Careers Developmentns to include onvert

When applying, answer the following questions

  • How do you think technology can be used to help people? (think of technology you use that helps you during the day)
  • What has changed for you now that more is happening virtually?

Skills/Experiences You Will Gain:

 Problem Solving
 Staying Positive

Apply here

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