Navigating the route into apprenticeships with Azets 09:00 – 10.15am

Navigating the route into apprenticeships with Azets 09:00 – 10.15am

Age: 16 – 19

Duration: 1 day

Industry: Accountancy

Application deadline: 20/01/2023

Dates: 09/02/2023 – 09/02/2023

So you’ve decided you want to go down the apprenticeship route. Great! However, with so many on offer it can sometimes be overwhelming deciding on the correct route for you.

Azets are here to talk about the different pathways to become an accountant/work in the Finance industry. We will have some current apprentices join to talk about their careers so far, why they decided to do an apprenticeship, and to share their advice and top tips to current school/college students.

We may not be able to make the decision for you, but we can give you lots of information about the options available to you, to help you make the most informed choice possible.

This session will last approximately 1 hour and will cover:

  • Various apprenticeship routes in Accounting
  • A panel of Azets apprentices who will talk through their experiences and how they made their choices
  • Top tips for the recruitment process
  • The chance to ask your burning questions about anything and everything to do with apprenticeships!

When applying, answer the following questions

  • What do you already know about our organisation?
  • Why are you interested in this session?

More about what we do:

What’s your ambition? At Azets, ours is bold – to improve the lives of our colleagues, our clients and communities in a sustainable way. With over 80 offices across the UK, we’re 100% committed to providing a modern work/life culture so you don’t need to sacrifice your career or lifestyle. We provide dynamic accounting career choices for school leavers, graduates and career changers in external & internal audit, accountancy & business services, tax, corporate finance, business technology consulting, forensic accountancy, and business restructuring & insolvency. You’ll receive all the training, development and support you’d expect from a top ten international accounting and advisory firm. Unleash your potential today and kick-start your accountancy career at Azets.

Azets are the 9th largest accountancy firm in the UK, hiring over 450 apprentices every year into over 70 offices.

Skills/Experiences You Will Gain:

 Problem Solving
 Staying Positive

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