No clue what job you want after school?

No clue what job you want after school?

Age: 14-19

Duration: 1

Industry: Recruitment/HR

Application deadline: 27/03/2023

Dates: 31/03/2023 – 31/03/2023

Timings: 9:30 – 11:00

That’s perfectly normal!

In this general careers insight session join Jake Richings and Speakers for Schools as we help you start to think about what job maybe good for you based on your hobbies, skills you have and the subjects you like and dislike.

Hear from Jake Richings who, after leaving school with no idea what he wanted to do with his career is now a young entrepreneur specialising in the career education industry. He has spoken at conferences and schools across the country, created content as a TikTok influencer for Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance organisations, and advised dozens of students starting their own businesses. Jake will help you find your perfect job, giving you the tools to stand out from the crowd whilst you decide on the career path that’s right for you.

Then Speakers for Schools will show you what’s currently on offer via our work experience portal and website. If you are not sure what industry or sector you are interested in, then why not sign up to multiple sessions to learn what you like and ditch what you don’t. From accountancy to acting and Zumba to zoology, Speakers for Schools will help you access lots of different career sessions with employers such as Vodaphone, Bentley, NHS and many more. AND if we don’t have the career taster sessions you want- then this is your chance to tell us and we will find it for you!

Remember it’s ok to not have a career goal just yet- this is just the start of your journey. 

When applying, answer the following questions

  • Entrepreneur: If you could go back in time and be the person who invented something we use today, what would it have been and why?
  • Personality: How would your family and friends describe you?
  • What would you consider a “great day” at work?

More about what we do:

Skills/Experiences You Will Gain:

 Problem Solving
 Staying Positive

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