WORKWISE – How to give your career the best start! (4pm to 5pm) – Speakers for Schools

WORKWISE – How to give your career the best start! (4pm to 5pm)

WORKWISE – How to give your career the best start! (4pm to 5pm)

Age: 14-19

Duration: 1

Industry: Banking

Application deadline: 22/05/2022

Dates: 22/06/2022 – 22/06/2022

Note – please do not share this opportunity with anyone outside of the specified age range for this placement as they will be ineligible to apply

Want to know more about the world of work and the career paths available to you after you finish school?

Do you need a trusted interactive resource to be able to find out more about how to become an entrepreneur?

Are you looking for good and bad example of CV’s and example activities used in assessment centres?

Finally, would you like to be able to talk to a colleague at Santander or attend a practice assessment centre..?

Workwise is coming soon to you, where you will find all the above and more to help guide you through to your next steps whatever they might be! Here at Santander one of our behaviours is showing support and during the pandemic we know it has been difficult for you to be able to get the work experience or face-to-face time with companies to help you shape your future.

We will give you the guidance and tools for you to be able to improve your knowledge of the working world and have the chance to speak to our colleagues at our workshops.

This is the first in our series of workshops where you will get the chance to talk to a colleague at Santander about key skills, how to prepare for a virtual interview and assessment centre, and ask our graduates & apprentices questions.


When applying, answer the following questions

  • If you know, what are your career aims?

More about what we do:

Santander are a large customer-focused bank and possess the scale and breadth of proposition to challenge the big four UK banks. They serve their customers through digital channels, alongside a network of branches and Corporate Business Centres. They play an important role in the UK economy and in the communities in which they operate. They help people purchase their home, save for the future and support business growth. They employ 23,500 people and paid £309m of corporation tax and £90m through the UK Bank Levy in 2019.

Skills/Experiences You Will Gain:

 Problem Solving
 Staying Positive

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