Day: 24 June 2020

  • Maurits van Tol

    Maurits van Tol, Chief Technology Officer KS4- 5 / S4-6 Wednesday 24th June – AM Maurits van Tol being interviewed by SFS before moving to student Q+A. Watch and learn more about Maurits’ career in STEM and life lessons and advice.

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  • Bernadine Brocker Wieder

    VTALK WITH Bernadine Brocker Wieder CEO, Vastari Group Ltd Wednesday 24th June – PM KS4 and 5 / S4-6 Interested in how exhibitions are put on? Watch Bernadine Brocker Wieder and explore how she got to where she is today and more about her role.

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  • Theo Huckle

    VTALK WITH Theo Huckle QC, Doughty Street Chambers Wednesday 24th June KS3 / S1-3 Raising aspirations and considering career paths

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  • Soumaya Keynes

    VTALK WITH Soumaya Keynes Economics Correspondent at The Economist Wednesday 24th June KS4-5 / S3-6 Diversity in Economics- When you think of economist, who do you think of? Is it… a white man? Although as a profession economics has become (a bit) more diverse over the past few decades, economists are still more likely to […]

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  • natalie-bennett


    BARONESS NATALIE BENNETT Peer & Former Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales DATE: Friday 24th April – 10am AGE GROUP: KS3 / S1-2 Former Leader of the Green Party, Baroness Natalie Bennett talks with KS3 and S1-2 students about the environment and what we can do to reduce plastic usage and waste.\ […]

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  • Virtual work experience to help students beat coronavirus lockdown (Evening Standard)

    Extracted from Evening Standard – Read Full Article here: “Businesses are giving schoolchildren virtual work experience placements to prevent them from missing out on opportunities during the coronavirus. The virtual work experience programme, run by the charity Speakers for Schools, aims to give state school students the same access to top jobs and networks as those from fee-paying schools, despite the lockdown. […]

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  • Penguin Talks

    Penguin launches partnership with Speakers for Schools to livestream authors direct to students nationwide, and new resources hub for teachers

    Penguin has launched a new partnership with charity Speakers for Schools to deliver a series of Virtual Penguin Talks, with authors streamed live to thousands of students at school and at home across the UK and Ireland. Read the full article on Penguin’s Website

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