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At Speakers for Schools we empower
state-educated young people
by opening
doors to life-changing opportunities

What is our mission?

We aim to close the opportunity gap and level the playing field for all 11-19-year-olds from state schools and colleges by providing fair access to fully funded work experience and inspirational talks that will help them to reach their full career potential. We are committed to using our influence to champion social mobility and improve diversity in the workplace.

What is our story?

Since our launch in 2010, we have become the largest social mobility charity in the UK. Whether it’s sitting alongside a pilot, working the wards with nurses, or listening to a CEO share their story of success and how they overcame adversity, our high-quality and impactful interventions inspire state-educated young people, bring the world of work to life and transform lives.

What is social mobility?

Social mobility is the term used to describe a shift in socioeconomic status – with greater equality of opportunity 
generally associated with improved status in terms of earnings, income, social class, health, and education.

Why is equality of 
opportunity so important?

Higher levels of social mobility are a good indicator of a country’s economic growth and signify a fairer distribution of power, wealth, and opportunity in society. Yet currently, the UK has one of the poorest rates of social mobility in the developed world.

Research shared in 2019 by The Sutton Trust revealed that, despite accounting for just 7% of the pupil population, privately educated people occupy 39% of ‘top jobs’ in this country even though their state-educated peers achieve the same grades

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