Work Experience For All

Every young person deserves access to quality work experience regardless of their background or where they live.

But not everyone has that chance. Scroll down to find out more...

What is this campaign about?

Speakers for Schools believe every young person in the UK should have the right to high-quality work experience regardless of their starting point in life or geographical location.

We are calling on all political parties to make work experience universal and ensure that every young person in the UK completes at least one work experience placement by the age of 16 and at least one work experience placement between the ages of 16-18.

We commissioned YouGov to undertake a survey of 2,098 18-30-year-olds to recall what work experience they had done while in education and discover how this may have affected their life outcomes.


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Why is work experience so important?

For each additional work experience, young people benefit from a 3.4% wage increase. This equates to an additional £1,088 per year†

Independently educated students were x2as likely to do multiple work experiences compared to state-educated young people.

Only 1/3 of teenagers could recall doing any work experience between the ages of 16-18, while only half (50%) of 14–16-year-olds could.

† Based on the average salary from the sample, which stands at £32,000

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