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National Teen Book Club

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Our online book club for state schools and colleges is a school reading group with a difference. Created to help 11-19-year-olds enjoy reading within a welcoming peer community, it introduces six books for teens over the course of a year and includes opportunities to meet a diverse range of speakers and industry experts. Educators will need to create a Speakers for Schools account to take part.

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book 1

Challenges stereotypes

Explore topics and themes that will broaden your thinking.

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Builds confidence

Develop essential skills for your CV in a fun, friendly setting.

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Supports mental health and wellbeing

Enjoy a shared reading experience and meet other young people.

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Gain insights into careers

Learn more about publishing and other related careers.

Find out about our featured reads

For every featured read, we hold four dedicated live events on Wednesdays from 3.30 to 4.30 pm.

Can't make the live sessions? No problem - recordings will be shared to all sign-ups. Contact our team for more details.

Featured Read 1
20 Sep - 11 Oct 2023
Run, Rebel - Manjeet Mann
Run, Rebel
Manjeet Mann
Run, Rebel is a trailblazing verse novel about finding your voice and freedom from expectations.
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Featured Read 2
15 Nov - 06 Dec 2023
The One Memory of Flora Banks - Emily Barr
The One Memory of Flora Banks
Emily Barr
A story of bravery, secrecy and lies, love and loss.
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Featured Read 3
17 Jan - 07 Feb 2024
Stars and Smoke - Marie Lu
Stars and Smoke
Marie Lu
Love, fame, and double-crossing infiltrate this thrilling spy novel.
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Featured Read 4
28 Feb - 20 Mar 2024
Liar's Beach - Katie Cotugno
Liar's Beach
Katie Cotugno
Thriller featuring secrets, lies, privileged teens and beach parties. A retelling of Agatha Christie’s The Mysterious Affair at Styles.
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Featured Read 5
24 Apr - 15 May 2024
King of Dead Things - Nevin Holness
King of Dead Things
Nevin Holness
Urban fantasy about the magical underworld of London and Afro-Carribbean folklore.
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Featured Read 6
19 Jun - 10 Jul 2024
Wild East - Ashley Hickson-Lovence
Wild East
Ashley Hickson-Lovence
A thrilling and emotional debut YA novel-in-verse. Perfect for fans of Dean Atta and Manjeet Mann.

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Hundreds of schools have taken part in National Teen Book Club since its launch.

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Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions


What safeguarding is in place?

Speakers for Schools is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all users, whether that is in a classroom, workplace environment, or in a virtual setting. Access the full Safeguarding Policy Statement here.
Please note: as you would expect, the educator retains primary responsibility for student behaviour and safeguarding.

What age group is National Teen Book Club suitable for?

We primarily cater to young people aged 14-19 as the featured reads fall under the category of Young Adult fiction (YA fiction) which is aimed at readers aged 14+. However, in response to requests, we will allow young people aged 11-13 to take part provided you as the educator are happy to support their participation. Trigger warnings will be issued in advance and it will be at your discretion to decide whether you deem the reading material suitable for all the students in your group. Readers read at their own pace, so there is no pressure to keep to a reading schedule.

Is this programme suitable for young people with SEND?

Our National Teen Book Club is committed to inclusivity, and to continually reviewing ways we can evolve our offer and improve accessibility. It is essential that young people engage with the featured reads to get the most from the sessions. This could be through reading the book independently or listening to it as an audiobook (where available), or it could be through supported group reading activity and discussion in school. We avoid spoilers and encourage students to read at their own pace. We also advocate the use of eBooks where possible, as these allow for adjustments to text size as well as active note-taking, highlighting, searching and looking up unfamiliar words. As the topics dealt with and the level of literacy required vary from book to book, we rely on teachers to review the suitability of each title for their group and to alert us to any access requirements that we may be able to support with reasonable adjustments. For example, the speaker Q&A as part of our live events and recordings (both of which offer the option to turn on captions) is shaped in part by the questions submitted by our audience, so if your young people may not be able to follow a lengthy or high-level discussion then please alert us, and we will be sure to start with their questions. We would also be very pleased to hear from any SEND schools that would be interested in working with us on developing our offer to meet the specific needs of their students.

How much is the programme?

The only cost for taking part is the charge for purchasing the heavily discounted book! We’ll explain how to order at a discount once you’re school or college is registered. You may also be able to get discounted audiobook or eBook for some titles.

How do students access the programme?

To participate, you (the educator) will need to register your student group with our easy and safeguarded system and ensure that each young person has access to our featured book. National Teen Book Club is delivered online via Microsoft Teams, which means that you can include an unlimited number of young people from your school or college in your student group. For each featured read, we run four weekly live events that take place on Wednesdays from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm. The event link is shared via email with you (the educator) and it will fall to you to ensure that there is a responsible adult on site with your students to supervise and facilitate each of the weekly sessions in a classroom or assembly hall at your school/college’s premises. There will be points during the live events when you and your students can opt to join in by appearing on camera, speaking over the microphone or writing comments in the chat. Please be aware that we record all the live events and will be making them publicly available via our website afterwards, so you will need to check your school policies and permissions with regard to consent. We have a template consent form for parents HERE.

Do I need any skills or training in Microsoft Teams?

No specialist training is required. We recommend downloading the Teams app for ease, then simply click the event links to join the live sessions. We will guide you through the rest.

Does this programme support the study of English in school and college?

National Teen Book Club encourages young people to read widely for pleasure while developing knowledge, skills, and confidence in responding critically, evaluatively, and creatively. The programme provides a chance to read, understand, and share a personal response to a selection of six different texts over the course of the year, examining the language, form, and structure used by the writer and considering each individual book’s themes in relation to its context.

Does National Teen Book Club support the PSHE Curriculum?

Young Adult fiction (YA fiction) deals with topical, challenging, and sometimes controversial themes, many of which link to the PSHE curriculum, and which are often explored from new perspectives.

Does National Teen Book Club meet Gatsby Benchmarks for careers guidance?

As well as being an enrichment activity that can enhance literacy and critical thinking skills, National Teen Book Club offers a novel way to supplement your students’ careers education. Over the course of the live events, students will gain a greater insight into careers in publishing, meet people working in a wide range of roles, and build their employability skills. As such, this programme meets Gatsby Benchmark 5.

Does National Teen Book Club support the Skills Builder framework?

National Teen Book Club links to the Skills Builder Framework for essential skills – most closely the skills of Listening and Speaking. There will be plenty of opportunities for your students to practice these skills, but to develop these skills, they must actively participate in the discussion groups. As their facilitator, any help you can provide to encourage your students’ active participation will assist them in this regard.

Do students need to join each of the four weekly live events for a featured read?

Ideally, you and your entire student group will need to join us for each of the four live events relating to the featured read to gain the full benefit of the programme. If your class – or an individual student – misses one, they’ll be able to watch the recording back on Vimeo via our website. We know things may come up which prevent you attending on occasion too: rest assured that any adult facilitator from your school/college is able to cover the session. Please note that we do not expect students to follow a reading schedule so there is no pressure to read the book at a certain pace.

What books are covered by National Teen Book Club?

We read a diverse range of books and enjoy six specially selected picks per academic year. Past featured reads from the last academic year (2022 to 2023) have included novels by Femi Fadugba, Karen M. McManus, Natasha Bowen, Mariam Ansar, Jenny Ireland, and Jen St. Jude. Details of our upcoming books will be shared on the website as they are announced. You can also stay up-to-date by signing up to our mailing list

Do I need any skills or training to access the livestreamed session?

No specialist training is required. You can simply click the event link sent via email to join the live sessions. We will guide you through the rest.

If you have any further questions,

please email