National Teen Book Club

What is it?

The National Teen Book Club is a UK-wide virtual book club for teenagers launched by educational equality charity Speakers for Schools and Book Clubs in Schools in association with HarperCollins.

How are we different to other book clubs?

The National Teen Book Club aims to make reading more accessible and more enjoyable for more young people, but we also want to inspire a new generation of creative writers. Through The National Teen Book Club platform, young people will not only have the opportunity to regularly come together safely online to discuss a particular book, they will also hear from leading authors and creative professionals who will help them to explore their own creative ideas.

Why do we exist?

Closures of libraries, schools and book clubs over the last 12 months have made it hard for keen readers to access books and even harder for reluctant young readers to adopt the reading habit. By launching The National Teen Book Club as a virtual book club, Speakers for Schools, Book Clubs In Schools and HarperCollins intend to help more young people discover their love of reading.

How can you join?

The National Teen Book Club starts this spring with a pilot for 11-16-year-olds across over 150 participating schools. From June 2021, The National Teen Book Club will open its doors to all 11-19-year-olds throughout the UK.