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Empowering Young Talent: The Creative Careers Programme by Speakers for Schools

Speakers for Schools is a key delivery partner for the UK’s Creative Careers Programme with the Creative Industries Federation, Creative & Culture Skills and Screen Skills, working together to ignite the link between young people and the creative sectors so that they can better understand the sector and the range of careers within it.

Our role

Speakers for Schools has been brought on board to mobilise the creative sectors’ high-profile leaders and their organisations to reach state school students. We help make it possible for influential figures to give their time annually through school talks, while also being able to help the busiest, leading employers make work experience placements with state school students possible.

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  • The creative industries generated over £105 billion for the UK economy in 2017.
  • In the same year, there were an estimated  77,000 positions currently vacant or where better skills were needed.
  • 90% of creative industry jobs are occupied by more advantage socio-economic groups.

Ways to get Involved

Speakers for Schools work to ensure high-profile leaders and figures are able to give their time to young people specifically in state schools through school talks and more. Below are the ways C-Suite level figures, national figures and recognised creative sector leaders are being asked to show their support by working with S4S to help ensure young people are inspired and equipped to consider creative careers.

Give a school talk 

We work with the highest profile figures and industry influencers, from CEOs to leading actors, connecting them to state schools that lack the networks to access these influential figures for assembly talks. We help make this possible for the diary and ensure they reach schools lacking networks to prestigious guest speakers.

Help us create more work experience placements via S4SNextGen

We’re helping our creative sector speakers open the doors or their industry-leading organisations– from award-winning design studios to TV production companies–  to offer 1 – 2 week work experience or insight days

Careers talks, workshops & more

If you’re a creative professional looking to give time in a local school, want to support local careers advice or want to take part in some of the employer workshops that will be happening across 2019-2020, you can find more about the Creative Careers Programme here.

School Resources

Explore Creative Careers! Students can search through hundreds of careers in the Creative Industries here, and explore what they involve, how to get started, even ideas about salary. An incredibly useful resource for showing students the breadth of creative careers out there!

If you’re a state school in England and are interested in raising awareness about the creative industries through our programmes we’d love to hear from you. Find out more about how to take part.

To find out more about our high-profile speaker events and our work experience programme please contact:

Keep up to date with the campaign on the dedicated @CreativeCareer5 page. Be sure to check our Twitter and Instagram for updates too.