Better Belly Means Better Health - Naturally Empowered Health - Speakers for Schools

Better Belly Means Better Health – Naturally Empowered Health

Better Belly Means Better Health – Naturally Empowered Health

Industry: Healthcare

Target Area for Student Applications: UK wide

Date: 20/03/2023

Time: 09:30 am – 10:30 am

Ages: 14-19

Application Closing Date: 15/03/2023

Opportunity ID: PL-4490

This introductory session is designed to raise awareness on how stress, food and how we eat it can impact our gut health, how we can reduce stress and increase energy by focussing on a few key areas.

Our gut health is key to our mental, physical and emotional health. More and more research is showing that when we take care of our gut, our mental health improves.

The session will introduce students to a few techniques and practices they can include in their everyday lives to;

  • support the lowering of their stress levels
  • improve gut health,
  • raise energy levels to change patterns of focus 
  • build new protective habits.

Focussed and energised people demonstrate great flexibility, mental agility and consistently perform at their highest level. They have strong relationships and support networks that help them to amplify their productivity and results. The session is structured around the Naturally Empowered Health S.I.C.K. method.

Margaret Bell is a gut health expert, anti – diet coach, author and owner of Naturally Empowered Health. Margaret currently works with corporate clients, retreats and on a 121 basis. She specialises in food relationships, gut health, stress and anxiety.

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