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Virtual Work Experience

Speakers for Schools is proud to announce the launch of the Speakers for Schools Virtual Work Experience (VWEX) programme. To address the need for high quality work experience, in communities which often have a disconnect between the aspirations of young people, and the presence of outstanding employers.

VWEX’ing will expand our current on-site work experience programme to level the playing field for all.  Our VWEX programme is the first of its kind in the UK and enables employers to solve key problems in their business while delivering meaningful and structured work experience to more young people wherever they reside. Read about our VWEX in the media.

We invite employers, educators, careers leaders and young people to register their interest.

Why Try Virtual Work Experience?



VWEX’ing opens the doors of opportunity to young people right across the country and allows employers to grow their talent pipeline and make a difference to those who really need it.



VWEX’ing allows for greater impact, as “seats” are not required, opening up the chance for more young people to access great opportunities wherever they are.


As a charity, we are focused on ensuring educators and young people have great experiences and free access to our services to ensure a level playing field and meaningful outcomes.

Customer Services


We recognise that you will have many questions. This is why we will work closely with you to ensure you’re supported every step of the way under a structured and impactful programme.

our VWEX programme supports...

Young People

We give young people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to eye-opening virtual work experience placements and inspiring remote insight days

Schools and Colleges

We help educators and careers leaders to connect their students with high impact placements with top employers remotely, eliminating the typical costs of travel and accommodation.


We work with large and small organisations to ensure you deliver an exciting and meaningful virtual work experience to reach the most deserving candidates across the country.

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