Demystifying your Sector

The aim of the industry insights theme is for speakers to spark new interests or change how students see an industry, sector or role. Speakers can help translate their work in a way that leaves students thinking differently about an industry, how it affects the world and future opportunities.


Anthony Osijo, MD of Fixed Income, Credit Agricole

Anthony gives students an introduction to the world of investment banking and the breadth of opportunities within the industry. He draws upon his own career journey and uses examples from his work to help explain the role of an investment banker. The aim of his talk is to help demystify the myths surrounding this sector and to inspire students to consider this career path. In the Q+A, Anthony can answer any questions that the students may have about this sector.

Feedback from schools shows how his talk can help improve the students’ understanding of his industry: “They truly benefitted from Mr. Osijo’s expertise and really honed their skills of reading and interpreting the various graphs and charts. In particular Anthony’s presentation caught the imagination of 14 individuals who remained behind for over an hour to learn more about Investment Banking.”


Recommended outline for an industry insights talk

  1. Explain what it is that your industry does and how it relates to young people or touches their lives. Ask the audience questions about the industry/sector to see what it is they know or if there are preconceptions – what do they associate with it?
  2. Share insights into your journey and experience of your industry/sector.
  3. What do you enjoy or find fascinating about your work?
  4. Why do you continue your work in this profession or industry? Did you have preconceptions about the industry before you joined? Has this changed?
  5. Share your view on the key transferable professional skills, experience and characteristics that could help young people be successful in a changing world. What it is that you look for when hiring? Does it apply to other industries?
  6. How might the future of your industry/sector impact on young people?
  7. Towards the end do mention career pathways for those interested. What can different parts of an industry offer, or jobs that might be lesser known? Does your company offer apprenticeships or graduate schemes?