Working for the Planet with Green Careers

The future is bright now as thousands more are working for the planet

Source – The Sun, 2 April 2021

GROW a brighter future with a green career.

The Government last year pledged to create 90,000 “eco” jobs by 2024 and research reveals the change is already happening.

Rosie King studied chemical engineering at Newcastle University before opting for an eco role as a graduate Renewables Engineer for power giant EDF.

The numbers for those working in sustainable roles have risen 12 per cent in 12 months in Britain, almost double the global average.

Monday will see the start of the first Green Skills Week, which aims to support youngsters into sustainable careers.

Organised by educational charity Speakers for Schools, the event offers students aged 11 upwards access to 5,000 work experience placements from environmentally focused employers.

Jason Elsom, head of the charity, said: “This is a great opportunity to help young people imagine an ­exciting future.”

One of those young people helping to change the world through sustainable work is Rosie King, a graduate Renewables Engineer for power giant EDF.

The 23-year-old from Stockport studied chemical engineering at Newcastle University before opting for an eco role.

She said: “I didn’t want to go down some of the more traditional routes associated with chemical engineering, such as oil and gas.

“Climate change is the biggest challenge facing our planet so renewable energy is something I wanted to not only be involved in, but lead in.

“I am really proud to be working in this sector, because I feel like I’m helping to provide a solution that isn’t at the expense of the planet.

“I look forward to seeing the technological developments that are coming to allow us to decarbonise our lives even further. It’s ambitious but we like a challenge in renewables.”

Employment Minister Mims Davies confirmed the Government’s determination to go green, saying: “Last year, the Prime Minister outlined a national path towards a greener future — a green industrial revolution that will boost jobs, with up to two million good-quality green jobs by 2030.

“At the heart of this is upskilling the British people with what’s needed to drive a green recovery.

“Together, we are building back better across the country, propelling forward the long-term job prospects for people of all ages, and powering our progress towards a cleaner, greener Britain.”

‘Green’ fingers


OMAIMA OIMDINA is a 17-year-old student keen to work in a green career.

She has undertaken a number of work placements to find out the eco options available.

Omaima, from Birmingham, said: “We only have one planet and we must take care of it, so it’s important that any future industry or company I work for shares a similar mentality.

“Many young students have been prevented from doing in-person work experience due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but virtual work experience is equally as good.

“It is very helpful because sometimes you are set on one career path without fully understanding it, and doing work experience can make you realise you are more interested or well suited to a different industry or job.

“During one workshop, I learnt how to measure my own carbon footprint, which definitely left some food for thought!”

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