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Managing Social Media: It can be a career for you, no matter what path you choose!

Organisation: Chree8 Social Media

Age: 14 - 19

Duration: 1 day

Industry: Marketing/PR

Application deadline: 19/09/2023

Dates: 26/09/2023 - 26/09/2023

Timings: 10:00 - 11:00

Type: Virtual insight day

Join Lindsay from Chree8 Social Media, for an engaging and informative session. She will delve into the exciting world of social media and career exploration. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and guidance for your professional journey!

Though part of the Virtual Scottish Careers Gala, students from all over the UK will be welcome on this Insight Session.

Here's what you can expect:

"My Journey into Social": Discover the story of an industry professional who successfully transitioned into the social media field later in life. Learn about experiences, challenges, and the steps she took to pursue her passion to get into this field.

"Squiggly Career Paths" are paths taken by many! It's not often straight forward in finding what career is the right fit for you!

Linear progression is no longer the norm. Lindsay will talk about the world of flexible career choices, showcasing some different options available and discuss the benefits of exploring various paths throughout your professional journey.

Personal vs. Business Social Media: Unveiling the distinctions between personal and business use of social media, she will be asking you to consider this too. Discover the key differences (and similarities) between using social media for personal purposes and leveraging its power for business. Gain insights into best practices and the unique opportunities and challenges that arise when utilising social media in a professional context.

If you love Social Media then don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights, expand your knowledge, and get inspired! We look forward to seeing you there!

When applying, answer the following questions

  • What would you consider a "great day" at work?
  • Which brand has best use of social media and why?
  • Here you can ask Lindsay a question ahead of the session!

More about what we do:

Chree8 is run by Lindsay Chree a marketing professional with over two decades of experience. She specialises in helping businesses boost their online presence and engage with customers through social media and Facebook ads, with strategies, training, audits and platform management.

Organisational website:

Experience You Will Gain:

  • Tips for managing social media as a career
  • Advice on when you see you might want to change career paths and where to look if you might want to re-train, start to study or apply for something really different to what you've been doing
  • Help on balancing personal and business use of social media, figuring out what's right and what's wrong

Skills You Will Gain:

Staying Positive
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