Amanda Saunders

Director of Development and Enterprises, Royal Opera House


At school I loved writing, reading and learning the stories of other people. After I finished my studies I chose to work for charities that I believed had a value – whether it was making art, artists and theatre (the Royal Opera House), showing objects that told stories of the past to help us understand who we are today (the British Museum) or helping children and families get more care when they need it (the NSPCC). As I was not then an historian, nor a ballet dancer or opera singer, or a counsellor, I chose to work in fundraising and the “business” of charity. My career so far has taken me to different places in the world; I have friends who are wonderful artists, musicians and business people; I work for organisations that are creative and courageous; and I know my time and care has helped children and families. I am fortunate to have the career and life I have now and would encourage anyone to think about what is important to them as people when they are thinking about their future in work.