Clare Gregorio

Clare Gregorio

Head of Retail Partnerships, Tesco

I have worked for Tesco for 33 years. I started when I was doing my A levels part time then after taking a break in service to go and work at camp America.
I returned full time to do a wide range and variety of roles throughout my career. From operational roles, financial roles to international roles, Tesco has been my university and they have supported me in getting a degree during this time so I have a professional qualification. I am really passionate about career progression both laterally and vertically. Helping people to realise and achieve their strengths and ambitions by being self aware and being their best self.

My key strengths and expertise include, having a retail operations background,

Global sourcing of property & corporate products and services, having lived and worked internationally for 19 months in Thailand and Malaysia, supplier and partner relationship management both internally and externally. I have broad leadership & network across various levels.

Resilience, determination and self drive would be the key attributes and how I would describe myself as having lots of!