Dave Tilbury | Speakers for Schools
Portrait of Dave Tilbury

Dave Tilbury

Executive Vice President, Global Sales Officer, Capgemini

Dave is passionate about driving change, developing talent and bringing personality to the front of the way we interact with clients, employees and partners.

He is the Executive Vice President, Global Sales Officer for Capgemini – one of the world’s largest IT companies, with circa 360,000 employees and annual revenue of €20billion.

We change the way our customers whole businesses work – from helping re-imagine how to make farming more efficient, to making car factories more environmentally sustainable, or ensuring public services are more accountable and transparent. If you have bought a bus ticket, gone to a football match, watched TV online or taken money out from a cash machine we would have been part of the IT that makes all of that work.

With a global team across the US, Asia Pacific, Europe and the UK, Dave has to deploy a diverse, different and ranging set of behaviours and skills that are needed to build and run successful sales organisations in each country.