David Lubin

David Lubin

Managing Director, Head of Emerging Markets Economics, Citi Research

David Lubin is managing director and head of emerging markets economics at Citi, an American bank, where he is responsible for a team of nearly 30 economists in 15 locations globally.

In this role, he advises fund managers and corporate executives all over the world about the economics of developing countries, capital flows to emerging economies, China’s role in the world economy, globalisation, trade and US-China relations.

David has a undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics is from Oxford University; and a postgraduate degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

His book, ‘Dance of the Trillions: Developing Countries and Global Finance’ (Brookings Press, 2018), examines what makes money flow from high-income countries to lower-income ones; what makes it flow out again; and how developing countries have sought protection against the volatility of international capital flows. The Financial Times selected it as one of the best economics books of 2018.