David Pitt-Watson

David Pitt-Watson

Investment Manager & Government Advisor

David Pitt-Watson is an investment manager; so he manages the savings of many millions of people who have set money aside for their retirement.

His particular interest is in shareholder activism. That means using the powers which shareowners have to change the behaviour of companies. Sometimes this can be about their financial management, but sometimes its about their social and environmental performance.

He has also written extensively about the flaws in the UK pension system; and more generally about the reforms required to make the financial system, particularly the banks, work properly.

He has advised policy makers around the world on these sort of issues. In particular, he is involved in various initiatives to promote “responsible investment”, including chairing the UN Environment Programme’s Investment Commission. And he has been involved himself in politics, both as a Councillor, and as the Finance Director of the UK Labour Party.
David went to state schools, then to Oxford and Stanford Universities. He is married, lives in North London, and has three children all of whom are or were at schools there.