Dr Damian Roland

Dr Damian Roland

Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine, Leicester Royal Infirmary

Dr. Damian Roland is an experienced Paediatric Emergency Medicine clinician who is passionate about improving the care of the ill and injured child.

His research interests include the creation and evaluation of interventions which improve the recognition of ill children in emergency and acute care settings. He is the developer of Paediatric Observation Priority Score (POPS), now available as an app, which has been shortlisted for two healthcare technology awards. He was also part of the team that delivered http://www.spottingthesickchild.com, a patient safety award winning educational website.

He has a strong interest in Social Media as a means of Knowledge Translation using the twitter account @damian_roland and blog http://rolobotrambles.com and regularly lectures on decision making in paediatric practice.

His lectures introduce children and young people to idea of decision making and cognitive bias in a (hopefully!) fun and engaging way!