Georgia Arnold: VP, Viacom International Media Networks
Portrait of Georgia Arnold

Georgia Arnold

Former Senior Vice President, Viacom International Media Networks

Georgia Arnold is Senior Vice President of Social Responsibility at Viacom International Media Networks and is responsible for developing social initiatives for the company’s portfolio of over two hundred TV channels and websites. Ms Arnold has initiated unprecedented partnerships and campaigns for MTV on HIV and AIDS awareness and for Nickelodeon on children’s rights.
Ms. Arnold has been overseeing The Staying Alive campaign since its launch in 1998. Staying Alive is forged upon partnerships including; UNAIDS, UNICEF, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PEPFAR and Kaiser Family Foundation. The campaign has delivered award-winning HIV and AIDS awareness programming, concerts, events and public service messages involving high profile individuals such as Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé and Mary J Blige.
Building on the success of the Staying Alive campaign, Ms. Arnold was instrumental in establishing the MTV Staying Alive Foundation in 2005, and was appointed Executive Director in October 2007.
The MTV SAF is a global charitable body that provides grassroots grants for supporting HIV and AIDS awareness education and prevention campaigns, and has distributed 130 grants in 48 countries since 2005.
Ms. Arnold is also the CEO of the MTV EXIT Foundation. The MTV EXIT Foundation is a registered UK charity launched by MTV Networks Europe in 2003 to use the power and influence of MTV’s brand and broadcasting network to educate young people about the social issues affecting their lives.
A particular highlight of Ms. Arnold’s career is her involvement with “Shuga” – a 360degree mass media HIV prevention TV series. Featuring a cast of African actors and an Oscar-winning directing team, both “Shuga” series boldly address sexual health topics head-on; bravely confronting taboo topics such as rape and transactional sex, told through the lives of characters and emotional situations drawn from real life. “Shuga’s” compelling storylines have been broadcast on TV and radio stations around the world.