Hayley Sanderson

Hayley Sanderson

Vocalist on Strictly Come Dancing

Hayley Sanderson is featured regularly on the prime time BBC 1 Show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. Entering her 11th year of singing live in front of millions of people each week should speak for itself. Her vocal versatility and professionalism is why people generally considered Hayley to be one of the finest vocalist’s on the London scene today and is certainly one of the most in-demand free-lance singers. Her raw musical talent has kept her working constantly since she moved to London in 2001.

Hayley has worked as a lead vocalist with a number of world-class artists including projects and tours with Nile Rodgers, Narada Michael Waldon, Rick Wakeman (King Arthur, Journey to the Centre or the Earth), Gilbert O’Sulilivan, Adreas Wollenweider & recently returning from touring Japan with the famous producer Trevor Horn.
Hayley is constantly used in the studio and TV back-up vocalist for various artists including
BOY GEORGE to name a few…

Also known for her work within the industry as a vocal arranger, she now works out of her own studio, slightly outside of London, near Marlow, where she records and arranges for various albums and productions including…
Tom Fletchers ‘Christmassaurus’, ( McFly)
Lulu ‘Making Life Rhyme’,
Sia – Christmas Album Launch
And, most recently for the TV show ‘Even Better Than The Real Thing!’

Other TV credits include –
C.I.N, An evening with ‘Sheridan Smith’, Host The Week, A Night at the Palladium, Graham Norton, The Voice, X-Factor, Ant and Decs Saturday Night Takeaway….
You may have heard her voice used for various advertisement campaigns over the years! The most recent being ‘Pandora’s’ jewelry Christmas advert! Along with the extremely successful BT ‘Talk Talk’ campaign.
‘Something in the air’ was not only a long term advert but also released as a single and led to many other brands using Hayley’s voice.
The world famous ‘Ronnie Scott’s jazz club’ was home to Hayley as the clubs resident singer for over three years.

She then went onto release her very beautiful and intimate debut album ‘JUST SONGS’ featuring her dear friend Rick Wakeman and hit songwriter Jamie Scott, who co-wrote some of the album along side Hayley.

As a writer she has worked for various library companies and had success with Mark Hudson (Noel Clarkes film, The Knot).

As a lover of the arts, she created a retro project of her own called ‘The Stylophones’. Not only does this allow her to write and perform, but allows her to return to her theatrical background.

Having directed and produced many videos for this particular project… audiences have started hiring Hayley to direct their own short films and music videos.
An undiscovered, talent that she is thrilled to pursue.

Aside from being a very skilled musician, she is a highly charismatic performer whose joy and enthusiasm for music makes all that she touches become rather infectious and hugely enjoyable.