Hilton Dawson: Founder, Northumbria People & Former MP

Hilton Dawson

Founder, Northumbria People & Former MP

Hilton Dawson is a Registered Social Worker, renegade former Labour M.P. first General Secretary of the Social Workers Union, a founder of the North East Party and someone who has pursued change for the past 40 years at individual, community, regional, national and global level. A constant thread has been empowering young people – with radical alternatives to youth custody, engaging young people in Care and trying to let their voices be heard..
For the past 7 years he has worked under the banner of ‘Northumbria People – everybody matters here’ – helping to create the largest community family tree in the world, working with families as a civil celebrant, chairing Northumberland County of Sanctuary which has supported 400 people from 30 countries seeking asylum in Northumberland, writing a fortnightly column for the Newcastle Journal, campaigning for devolution in North East England and working as a Director of a development trust.