Hilton Dawson

Hilton Dawson

Founder, Northumbria People & Former MP

Hilton Dawson is currently working on a book provisionally titled ‘It’s our Democracy- reclaiming politics to change the world.’

Hilton is a Registered Social Worker, former Labour M.P. & Councillor, first General Secretary of the Social Workers Union & a founder of the North East Party.

Hilton has pursued change for the past 40 years at individual, community, regional, national and global level. A constant thread has been empowering young people – with radical alternatives to youth custody, engaging young people in Care and trying to let their voices be heard.

Hilton was voted ‘Parliamentary Children’s Champion’ in 2004 for his work on children’s issues & the engagement of young people.

For the past 9 years he has worked under the banner of ‘Northumbria People – everybody matters here’ – helping to create the largest community family tree in the world, working with families as a civil celebrant, establishing Northumberland County of Sanctuary which has supported 400 people from 30 countries seeking asylum in Northumberland & campaigning for devolution.

He was a (very) unsuccessful candidate in the Hartlepool bye election in May 2021 but remains unbowed, unbloodied & determined to produce the book soon.

Speaking to Schools is bound to feature in there.