Irmak Sunal Lutkin

Design Director, The Wall Street Journal


Born in Turkey and educated in the UK, Irmak Sunal Lutkin is currently Design Director at The Wall Street Journal’s in-house creative agency The Trust in London. Previously she has worked with Atlantic Records, Sony Music, Puma, Adidas and CNN International as well as XOXO The Mag in Istanbul Turkey. Having experienced the benefits of mentoring from an early point in her career, she has sought to pass on her knowledge and expertise through seeking as many speaking opportunities as she could; and has conducted many mentoring sessions, career talks and workshops over the last few years.

When I was getting ready to choose what I was going to study at University, I was torn between applying for art school and applying for a range of economics/political studies degrees. I think I would have personally found it incredibly helpful to have had someone come to my school and talk to me about the career prospects of studying in the creative industries.