Judith Shekoni

Judith Shekoni

Actress & CEO, Global WPM


Judith has two successful parallel careers. She has an international acting career in television and film spanning 20 years and can shortly be seen in Maleficient 2 (Disney) with Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfiffer. Her other work has included the Twilight film – Breaking Dawn, Heroes Reborn (NBC), Ordinary Lies (BBC), Ice (US Cable) and numerous more, even a time on Eastenders.

Judith also owns a profitable multi million pound property development company with numerous assets around Kensington and Chelsea.

Brought up in Manchester by a single parent Judi Shekoni is mixed heritage – British/Nigerian. She is proud of her journey from government housing (Gorton constituency has the 5th highest child poverty rate in the UK) to having two successful careers.

Her varied experience has included studying Business, traveling and living around the world and founding multiple companies.

Her particular areas of interest are knife crime, inner city opportunities and public education. She is an advocate and speaks out on womens issues, single parent families, benefits, racism and classism. She is affiliated with the Helen Barber foundation, working against sex trafficking.

Her background provides her with a wealth of knowledge and experience. She is passionate about the support needed to inner city children and is passionate about being a bridge between them and a more prosperous future of support that works, opportunities that are actualised.

One of her biggest passions is mental health and the link between deprivation, poverty, traumatic childhoods and mental health and addiction problems. Judith practices meditation, mindfulness and healthy living. She has spent extensive time researching and adopting many measures to facilitate a successful career and transmute a challenging upbringing into positive traits and attributes. She believes success is down to outer and inner work. She is an advocate of working hard and gaining access to equality of opportunity. Understanding the self esteem that comes from providing for oneself and family.

She is currently working on a new apple TV show for Foundation.