Keith Mackrell | Speakers for Schools

Keith Mackrell

Vice Chairman, Duke Corporate Education & Former Director of British Gas & Shell

Keith Mackrell is one of the world’s most experienced international businessmen, who has worked in many parts of the world, and is a leading speaker on the Challenge of the Future and a wide range of business and management topics.

Among his most well received presentations is a well illustrated slide show ‘The Politics and Economics of a Sustainable Planet’. This presents in a very understandable way the tensions arising from accelerated consumer demand, limited resources, planetary boundaries, climate change, innovation, technical development and social cohesion on a global scale.

In his talks to Schools Keith emphasises the accelerating pace of change and innovation and outlines the changes and challenges which will face his audience in their life time.He stresses the the need to take full advantage of education now to overcome the increasingly sharp divide between skilled and untrained employment prospects.His presentation is very relevant to the Sixth Form curriculum,particularly for those studying business,economic, politics, geography. The presentation provokes lively discussion which students like to follow up with their teachers. It is best suited to smaller groups of 50-70 to stimulate interaction.

As a Director of British Gas and later as Deputy Chairman of BG he played a key role in the de-mergers of the British Gas state monopoly and the creation of the most successful international Gas Company.

Earlier in his career as Senior Economist and later as Shell International’s Director in charge of Group Planning he pioneered the concept of scenario planning. He was a member on the Shell International Board for 16 years in a number of roles including Planning, Public and Government Affairs and later as Regional Co-ordinator for all Shell’s interests in the East and Australasia. After retiring from Shell he served on the boards of over ten leading British companies including Standard Chartered Bank and BG.

He is a Governor and Honorary Fellow at the London School of Economics where he was the Harold Laski scholar and received a First Class Honours Degree. He was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws at the National University of Singapore in 1991. At the LSE he founded the successful LSE Enterprise Company and is Vice Chairman of Duke CE, a joint venture with LSE Enterprise where he specialises in global management organisation and best boardroom practice.