Kevin Budd

Kevin Budd

Head of Property Programmes and Change, Tesco

Joining Tesco as a school leaver, I spent my first 9 years working in stores across Hertfordshire, Essex, and South Wales. At the age of 25 I joined Head office and qualified as a Project Manager. As I enter my 27th year with Tesco, I’ve navigated around the business using my transferable skills working across Business Support, Commercial, Procurement, and currently Property, where I am Head of Programmes and Change. Tesco has offered me some great development opportunities, from progression in store, Project Manager and more recently externally recognised Programme Management and Change Management Practitioner qualifications.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit 9 different countries where Tesco have operated including India, Thailand and Malaysia, working on many projects that improve the customer shopping experience, make things simpler for colleagues and deliver for shareholders.

I have been lucky to have a number of trusted advisors, business mentors and leadership coaches that have helped shape and guide me. This has embedded in me the importance of being a good leader and investing in our colleagues while nurturing young talent into the business.

Around the age of 11 it was discovered that I was Dyslexic, something that 31 years ago wasn’t so well understood and I kept a secret until around 10 years ago. This means I often look through a different lens to others, and have to use different methods and approaches that suit my style. I may have small spelling mistakes, but I have big thinking.