Nicolas Cary

Co-Founder & Vice Chairman, Blockchain


Nic is the Co-founder and Vice Chairman atĀ Blockchain.comĀ where he is responsible for ensuring we continue to bring new adopters into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In 2015, Nic was named the European Digital Leader of the year. Nic is the Founding Commissioner of the Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development and Co-Authored The Future is Decentralised. Nic is trilingual, and has a deep passion for positive digital disruption. Heā€™s also the Co-Founder and Chairman ofĀ, the leading non-profit digital business accelerator. Prior toĀ, Nic was a founding Partner atĀ PipelineDeals.comĀ where he focused on product development and management.

Nic is a proven leader, investor, public speaker, and brand ambassador. Heā€™s deeply focused on designing performant cultures that persevere in adverse markets.