Nikki Burg: Executive Assistant & Founder, The Private PA
Portrait of Nikki Burg

Nikki Burg

Executive Assistant & Founder, The Private PA

Nikki has spent almost 20 years in ever more demanding roles as a PA. Her most successful role to date is as the Executive Assistant in London to a leading global entrepreneur and industrialist. This is still her day job, and she finds it as stimulating and challenging as it was from the start. At the same time she is the Founder of The Private PA, a bespoke search company specializing in the recruitment of Senior PAs mainly in the private sector, and covering the areas of business and finance, of academia, of government and of the not-for-profit sector amongst others:

Nikki is also fanatical about fitness, and has a keen interest in photography, the arts and healthy nutrition.

Although she has more than enough every day to keep busy, not having a husband, a pet or any houseplants Nikki feels that she still has capacity to fit more into her life. She has been searching for a Charity with which she feels she has an affinity, which engagers her interest and to which above all can add value and make a tangible difference by giving her time and energy. She would love to have the chance to contribute to the Speakersforschools organisation, in the hope that both will benefit from that.