Patrick Campbell

Senior Curator - Reptiles, The Natural History Museum


Patrick D. Campbell (born in 1965, London, United Kingdom) is a British citizen and Senior Curator of Reptiles, managing over an estimated 174,000 herpetology specimens including the largest number of reptile type specimens in the world for any one institution, at the Natural History museum, London. He has been employed there for over 35 years. He is interested in collection management, reptile taxonomy and the processes of speciation. He has carried out herpetological fieldwork recently in Kenya and the French Guiana and is also interested in the reptilian fauna of South and Southeast Asia mainly focussing on the countries of Sri Lanka, India, Andaman / Nicobar, and Indonesia. As a BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club) Advanced trained Professional Diver and Dive Instructor, he has dived on various expeditions including the RAF lead Benthic Orchid III examining the effect of the 2004 Tsunami in the Similan Islands Thailand, He has lead various collection improvement projects at the museum where he works including the recent CSIP (Collection Storage Improvement Project) Wildebeest project involving over 20,000 specimens.