Phoebe Barter: Group Brand Director at Aviva | SFS
Portrait of Phoebe Barter

Phoebe Barter

Group Brand Director, Aviva

Phoebe is the Group Head of Brand for Aviva with nearly twenty years of experience in brand, marketing and communications. She is from Sydney, Australia, and lived and worked in New York for a number of years, and now calls London home. Phoebe is a full time working mum (two small kids), and enjoys talking to both young boys and girls about work life balance, working as a woman in the city, overcoming challenges and persevering. She’s a firm believer that no-one is perfect, and it’s OK to not have all the answers, that we are all learning every day and trying to be the best versions of ourselves. Phoebe studied architecture and then economics and ended up leading a global brand, so has lots of stories of how her journey has changed along the way and the adventures she’s had. The number one message Phoebe wants to share with high school students is that they can do anything if they persevere. No-one gets to choose their future, but them.