Professor Michael Coleman

Professor of Toxicology


Michael Coleman is Professor of Toxicology at Aston University. He attended St Mary’s College Crosby (1972-1979), then Liverpool University (Hons. First Class Pharmacology 1979-1982; Ph.D. Liverpool University/Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, 1982-1985).
He was a Resident Research Associate at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (1986-1988) and a Wellcome Fellow in Toxicology, (1989-1991). He was awarded a Doctorate of Science in 2005 for his work on antiparasitic drugs and he has authored text books on Expert Report Writing in Toxicology, as well as three editions of Drug Metabolism: An Introduction.
Major research interests include the use of human cellular systems to replace animal models in research and the development of laboratory models of human brain tissue, which can be applied to the study and therapy of neurodegenerative diseases.