Rory Cellan-Jones: Tech Journalist & BBC Expert | SFS
Portrait of Rory Cellan-Jones

Rory Cellan-Jones

Founder, RCJ Media Ltd

Rory was the BBC’s expert on trends in new technology, and how the web is changing our lives. He became a Technology Correspondent after many years reporting on business for the BBC, and he sees it as his role to communicate the excitement and importance of the fast-changing digital world to a non-specialist audience.

He is the author of Always On: Hope and Fear in the Social Smartphone Era, and Dot Bomb, an account of the companies and characters behind Britain’s short-lived dot com bubble.

In recent years he has investigated the role technology can play in improving the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, having been diagnosed with the condition in 2019.

In 2021 he was made an Honorary Fellow of The National Museum of Computing in recognition of his services to technology education.

Since leaving the BBC, he has become an independent technology consultant, writer and broadcaster. He has also started a newsletter about health tech, one of his major interests.