Tilusha Ghelani

Tilusha Ghelani

Commissioning Editor, Sky Comedy

I have education to MPhil level. I did English, theatre Maths and French. then a year out with an extra a level in sociology. then a degree in cultural studies, then a masters in cultural studies. have worked in academia, research, then media as a BBC radio producer, making scripted and unscripted shows. Then in TV working in development, production and commissioning. Then as a sky TV commissioner. I help source and select comedy shows sky will go on to make. I work with writers, producers, directors, comedians, casting agents, senior managers of media companies and oversee production of these shows. i have worked wiht household name comedians actors and writers.

I arrived in UK from India as a primary school age child with little English to live in Leicestershire and attended state school in Loughborough.

In case background is significant… I am hindu, gujarati, indian british.

I am happy to do talks solo or find someone exciting like an actor or a comedian to speak with me.