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Will Shu

Founder and CEO, Deliveroo.com

Will Shu is the founder and CEO of Deliveroo. Born in 1979, the son of Taiwanese immigrants, Wil grew up in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. As a city analyst in London, Will was sick of working long hours at Canary Wharf and having to make do with what was left on the shelf in Tesco for dinner. So he set out to solve the problem himself, starting a company that delivers great food directly to your door.

He founded Deliveroo in 2013 with childhood friend and software engineer Greg Orlowski. Deliveroo operated in London for the first two years, growing via word of mouth. It now operates in 12 countries and more than 800 cities. Deliveroo is worth £5 billion, becoming Europe’s fastest growing company with 2,000+ employees. In mid-June 2016, Will and Greg received an award for the Best Startup Founders as part of The Europas Startup Conference and Awards, mainly given to technology companies. The company also received Fastest Rising Startup of the Year and the Europas Grand Prix award.

Will is an incredible entrepreneur, one that’s a far cry from the usual CEO of a multi-billion dollar company. Each week, he carries out deliveries on his bike for unaware customers with only some colleagues recognising him during his rounds. His story proves that you really don’t have to be born an entrepreneur.