Finance and Engaging in Democracy Speaker

Finance and Engaging in Democracy Speaker is giving his #vtalk Life Lessons: Can Success Follow Failure?

DATE: Streamed 10am 4th May 2020
AGE: KS 4 – 5 & S4 – 5

Branko Bjelobaba

Branko has three areas of specialism – finance, motivation and democracy.

(1) He started his insurance career in 1987 and has worked extensively across the sector – for a regulator, PwC, Aviva and a large broker and has run his own consultancy business since 2004. Nothing happens without insurance! (2) Branko didn’t go to uni yet he has achieved a great deal and is very accomplished – do you have what it takes and can you get there and what does success look like to you? What has helped him and can this help you? (3) Branko loves giving up his time and is mad keen about democracy and engagement – why is this so important yet so many don’t engage and what will make you stand out as you go to uni or enter the workplace?

Schools say he is straight talking and has an honest approach as to what makes the difference in terms of presenting yourself to a potential employer and he is happy to share what he has achieved and why he is content and gets students to think as to how they would measure success and in a wider context rather than just money.