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Scarlett Curtis & Saoirse Ronan on Feminism

In May 2019, Scarlett Curtis, author of Feminists Don’t Wear Pink, and actress Saoirse Ronan visited a Dublin school to discuss what being a feminist means and the power that young people have in the fight for gender equality.


Age: Key Stages 3 – 5

Subject: PSHE

Topic: Feminism

The following activities give KS3-5 students the opportunity to describe what feminism is and to compare this to the stereotypes surrounding feminism, to explain why some individuals, particularly men, may be reluctant to be feminists, and to consider how they can tackle gender inequality and make a difference in their communities. The following activities can be used as standalone activities, or used together with the starter and plenary to form a complete lesson (approx. 1 hour 30 mins in total).

Learning Objectives:

  1. What is feminism?
  2. Should men be feminists?
  3. How can we act on feminist thoughts and feelings?

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Activity one

Scarlett Curtis describes her ‘journey’ to becoming a feminist and how ‘real’ feminists differ from the ‘stereotypical’ feminist.

Activity two

Scarlett Curtis and Saoirse Ronan explore the misconception that men aren’t and shouldn’t be feminists.

Activity three

Scarlett Curtis and Saoirse Ronan discuss how people who believe in feminism can act on their feminist thoughts and feelings.