Architecture Q&A (send your questions about architecture and design)

Architecture Q&A (send your questions about architecture and design)

Age: 16-19

Duration: 1

Industry: Architecture

Application deadline: 16/11/2022

Dates: 30/11/2022 – 30/11/2022

What does an Architect do? Is it the right career for me? How do I become an Architect?

If you would like these questions answered, then this session is for you!

We will give you an insight into kick-starting your journey into architecture.

What you can expect in this session:

  • The different routes to becoming an Architect
  • Architecture and design – the different disciplines that make up the profession
  • How to start a portfolio – compiling your ideas, creative process and the fundamentals of graphic communication
  • Q and A session to end the surgery

When applying, answer the following questions

  • Personality: How would your family and friends describe you?

More about what we do:

Haworth Tompkins is an award-winning architectural studio with an international reputation for intelligent, purposeful design. The studio works throughout the public, private and subsidised sectors on a wide spectrum of projects ranging from theatrical and culturally oriented buildings, to housing, higher education, and industrial buildings. We pay close attention to the specific chemistry of individual places and cultural situations, seeking to understand both the context and possible future life of our clients’ buildings – a process which often yields original or unconventional design solutions.

Skills/Experiences You Will Gain:

 Problem Solving
 Staying Positive

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