Day: 19 December 2022

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    Shining a light on work experience and its importance to state educated young people in the UK.

    Read on to get exclusive access to our second campaign report On Monday 5th December Speakers for Schools founder Robert Peston spoke to Radio 4’s Today Programme to discuss our Work Experience For All campaign. And Robert is by no means the only member of the charity to feel passionate about this exciting and potentially ground-breaking campaign. Let us introduce you to Dr. Elnaz Kashef, Head of Research and Policy at Speakers for Schools, who leads the team working hard to make this evidence-based campaign a real call for change. Take a look at our top three takeaways: Catch up on Campaign Coverage Listen in on Speakers […]

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  • How to Talk about Mental Health with Alastair Campbell & Fiona Millar

    Wednesday 21st September KS5/S6 Talking about mental health can be difficult. We should be encouraging to others who speak honestly about their feelings. We are delighted to present for students aged 16 – 19 a broadcast with Alastair Campbell a mental health campaigner and Fiona Millar, Writer, Journalist and campaigner on this important topic.

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  • Student Group Socializing In Communal Area Of Busy College

    Why virtual work experience placements really work

    Why virtual work experience placements really work Originally featured in the Liverpool Law Society magazine in November 2021 Conditions since March 2020 inevitably reduced the opportunities for young people to engage with employers through traditional work experience. But whilst the pandemic created many challenges, it also acted as a catalyst for change. Virtual Work Experience is one innovation that, born out of necessity, now looks set to transform the way many leading employers will structure their early outreach activities going forwards. Why the shift in thinking? In a world where all UK businesses face the combined long-term effects of Brexit, […]

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