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Classroom Resources

These resources are perfect for introducing something visual and interactive into the classroom, and can help with Gatsby Benchmarks 2, 3, 4, for schools in England.
Penguin Talks – free PSHE resources from Penguin Random House UK

Penguin Talks, in partnership with Speakers for Schools, is a programme of free creative talks for young people, giving them the opportunity to both hear from and directly question world-renowned thinkers and influential figures from the family of authors. Secondary teachers can access free teaching resources, which link directly to the PSHE Association Programme of Study for PSHE education, for all previous Talks, including from Michelle Obama and Yuval Noah Harari.

Breakfast with the Boss – Podcast series

The BWTB podcast is an excellent opportunity for students to gain an insight into what it’s like to be a CEO from leading figures in business, media and more; some of whom are part of our S4S speaker network. Guest talk about what it means to be a boss and consider future challenges to the world of work. It’s a great addition for the classroom.

EconoMe – Education Resource by the Bank of England

EconoME is a free resource to help young people obtain a better understanding of the economy. The resource is covered across three lessons and includes a free pack that teachers can download.

Gresham College – Free lectures for students

Gresham College has 2,500 lectures online, many of which would be useful to schools both for career choices/ personal statements and EPQs. They include lecturers like family law specialist Jo Delahunty QC (eg An Insider’s guide to becoming a Barrister) the (next) Chief Medical Officer of England Chris Whitty, historians David Olusoga and Olivette Otele, scientist Jacqueline McGlade (listen to her fascinating Life Scientific) the classicist Edith Hall, and Sir Jonathan Bate (on Shakespeare and Wordsworth and the Romantics).

National Theatre: On Demand. In Schools– videos for the classroom

The National Theatre’s free streaming video service lets you show recordings of world-class theatre productions to your classroom in high definition. Each play is linked to the curriculum and is accompanied by learning resources to help integrate the play into your lessons. You can watch National Theatre productions whenever you like, as much as you like, at no cost. Registration is quick and simple and can be found here