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Speakers for Schools is delighted to partner with 
new teen beauty brand indu to deliver a series of online 
inspirational talks with a focus on building confidence and self-esteem 
directly to young people from schools across the UK.

Co-designed and generously funded by indu, this original talk series will feature guest speakers from the 
UK-based health and beauty brand and will cover a variety of topics such as the psychology behind the beauty sector and prioritising well-being and mental health.

A newcomer on the beauty scene, indu’s mission is to provide a more holistic and relatable way for teens to source health and beauty advice and products that celebrates their individuality without enforcing unhealthy and unrealistic beauty standards. As a charity that seeks to empower teenagers and advocates for better representation in every industry, we feel this unique beauty brand’s mission aligns perfectly with that of Speakers for Schools.

Students at Indu

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