Virtual Work Experience with Boundless Theatre

Exploring Theatre Careers: Virtual Work Experience with Boundless Theatre

The creative professions are undoubtedly a popular choice among young adults. However, due to the variety of roles and a plethora of sectors students might lack information regarding possible roles. Besides, the sector is pioneering in virtual working, freelancing and flexible working hours; concepts that can be unclear to a young adult exploring career paths.

Speakers for Schools and Boundless Theatre organised their first virtual work experience last week to demystify the industry and help students explore career possibilities and remote working in theatre.

‘We had a great first VWEX experience. Young adults are at the heart of our work at Boundless, and we’re so glad we can keep supporting teenagers to gain skills and confidence through real world work experience.’

Kirsten Peters Roebuck, Producer at Boundless Theatre

The students worked virtually on everyday Boundless tasks such as branding, conducting research, coming up with campaign ideas and even adding songs to the Boundless Spotify playlist. They had the chance to listen to the first episodes of the new Boundless radio drama and find out about its production.

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