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  • In Partnership with Fully Bossed – The Four Pillars Activity with Oluchi Ikechi-D’Amico

    Wednesday 22nd February KS4-5 / S4-6 Ready to be a standout performer or accelerate your game? Join us for this interactive broadcast! the aim of this broadcast was to help those watching build on their soft skills. These have been divided by Fully Bossed’s tried and tested format: Mindset, Brand, Storytelling, and Orchestration. This free session will include elements of coaching and students got a chance to ask questions to our speaker along the way.

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  • The King of Content: Introducing Jean-Patrick Cheylan

    The King of Content: Introducing Jean-Patrick Cheylan Chances are if you are under 25, you’ll struggle to remember life before social media – you may even struggle to recall a time before TikTok if you’re a teenager right now. But like it or not, these days social media plays an increasingly large role in shaping our view of the world and contributes massively to our own unique digital footprint. An open platform: an open playing field Whoever you are, wherever you are, if you’re armed with a smart phone, you’ll be plugged into social media in one form or another […]

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