Accessing Broadcasts

Accessing Broadcasts

At SFS we recognise that more is needed to be done to provide mind-opening opportunities to young people in communities which struggle to access many of the UK’s eminent professionals and leading employers. In light of the challenges presented by Covid-19, we believe it has never been more important to commit to engaging with young people and supporting them in their future ambitions, in a virtual way, and decided to bring forward the launch of our Broadcast programme.

During the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK, Speakers for Schools provided students studying at home with a timetable of curated content that was live streamed to young people via their computer, tablet or mobile via Microsoft Teams – no logins required! Students could engage with the speaker via a Q&A function that is moderated by a member of the SFS Inspiration Team. You can find a library of our virtual broadcasts talks here.

In the academic year, 2020-21 the Speakers for Schools Inspiration Team will host broadcasts a few times throughout the year both during the school day and after school between 17:00 and 18:00.

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How Do I Get Students to Sign Up?

  • Speakers for Schools will email our schools network a week ahead with our timetable of broadcasts for students to attend. We will recommend which year group or key stage each talk is for and a brief description. SFS will provide a link so that students can join the live event at the specified time.
  • Using whichever method to assign work/promote opportunities to students, distribute the link for students along with our brief guide on how to login etc.
  • Along with the attendee linkask students to research the speaker and think of questions for the Q&A part of the talk. SFS will provide a short bio of the speaker for each talk.
  • SFS will also provide activity sheets for students so that you can track and manage who has attended the talk.
  • We would recommend that students set up for the talk 5 minutes before the start time.
  • Internet Explorer should not be used to attend broadcasts.

Register to receive emails about both vtalks and broadcasts here! 

How to Join a Broadcast without a Microsoft Teams Account

Our Broadcast Guides

Speakers Guide

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Student Guide

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Schools Guide

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